Liza Orengo Headshot.jpg


Cornell University, 2003-2007

BS in Human Biology, Health, and Society

Meredith College, 2007-2008

Dietetic Internship

University of Washington, 2011-2015

Master of Public Health


Chronic Kidney Disease, all stages


Pre-transplant weight loss

Post-transplant nutrition

Kidney Stones


Hello!  My name is Liza. I am a Registered Dietitian and board-certified specialist in Renal Nutrition.  I have worked in renal nutrition for almost my entire career and I am passionate about working with patients to navigate this complex disease. I founded ACORN in 2019 so that I could help this unique patient population achieve the best clinical outcomes while maintaining a high quality of life.

Over the years I have seen far too many patients who did not know they had kidney disease until they were diagnosed at stage 5.  Most of the patients I have worked with in my career did not know they could have slowed their disease progression with proper dietary intervention.  More often than not they were unprepared for the changes that being on dialysis would bring to their lives, leaving them with less time to make important decisions that had profound effects on their well-being. 

As a result, I have dedicated my career to helping patients with chronic kidney disease slow their disease progression through healthy lifestyle choices so that they have time to make the healthcare decisions that are right for them.  My goal is for my patients to be fully informed about their disease process and the role of nutrition in managing that process.  In every session I strive to provide the kind of personal attention and counseling that I would want a family member to receive if they were diagnosed with a complex chronic condition.